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Unusual Mother's Day Gifts

You might think that women can never have too much jewelry, but the truth is sometimes we do appreciate receiving a gift that is a little more unusual. Not that flowers, and nice things are not going to be appreciated greatly, but sometimes unusual mother’s day gifts bring jus the right amount of excitement.

Sometimes moms like getting unusual gifts for mothers day; sometimes they like traditional mothers day gifts like chocolate or mothers day flowers. No matter what gift you get for your mother, she'll still love you for thinking of her on mothers day. But, for those of you who are trying desperately to think outside of the box grab my hand and I’ll lead you to a couple of unusual mothers day gifts. Just remember you need to keep an open mind but you also need to remember who the gift is for.

Now, one of the unusual mother’s day gifts that makes its way around the holidays is a star registry. I am sure you have heard that, for the right amount of money, you can name a star after someone. Well, that is half true. You do get to name a star and you do receive a fancy certificate and map. Yet, this name is not going to be the official name of the star. In fact, you might be the only one who refers to the star by your mother’s name. Oh well, toe-may-toe/toe-mah-toe, right?

Half of you may be offended by this next gift, while the other half may not believe at all, but I know that a few of might enjoy this one. Another one of my unusual mother’s day gifts is a psychic reading. You know someone out there believes or we wouldn’t see all those infomercials. Even if the reading is just for laughs your mother might get a kick out of it.

Now, let us explore one of our more respectable yet unusual mother’s day gifts. A personal portrait may be great idea. Usually you can find a freelance artist within your price range who can work off of an old picture you have. This is a great and original idea that she definitely won’t be expecting.

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