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Mother's Day Gift Basket

So, what’s with the gift basket craze? That’s a question that I used to ask myself. That is until I discovered the beauty and practicality of giving these gift baskets. In fact, this year my mom is going to get a mother’s day gift basket. An idea for mothers day is giving her a picnic basket full of food and fruit.

Gift baskets have gained momentum the past few years. One reason is that you have so much control. You can customize them any way you want. This allows you to build basket to the specific tastes of the person receiving the basket. For instance, my mother’s day gift basket next year will include a pack of Marlboros for my mother. Not an item that would usually be gift-wrapped.

Get a Mothers Day gift basket for your mom on her special day. You can choose a chocolate gift basket if she loves chocolate, or a garden gift basket if she has a green thumb. Gift baskets can make a great gift for any special day.

In fact, a gift basket is basically a stocking but better because a basket can be decorated a lot easier. Throw away your fabric paint and glitter and get out some ribbon and tissue. Again, decorating can be totally customized. For instance, my husband’s gift basket may include some video game characters cut out of his gaming magazines. My mother’s day gift basket may be decorated with pictures of my kids or I may just add our cut outs of their names.

The key to keeping costs down on your mother’s day gift baskets is too set a price limit for the total amount. Than decide how many small items you want to buy based on that amount.

After you have bought all of your items you can fill empty space with your own creations. Cookies, candies, and food items can easily take up empty space in your mother’s day gift basket. You can also add crafts. Crafts are a great idea if you have children because mothers love to show off the work of their grandchildren. Again, pictures also work nicely. They can take up a ton of empty space when placed in a frame.

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