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Mother's Day Flowers

When mother’s day approaches you can smell the carnation in the air. In fact, mother’s day flowers are a common gift encompassing more than just the traditional white carnation. As Sunday turns to Monday what happens to our beautiful mother’s day flowers?

Well, they are pretty for a while, but white turns to brown and petals fall to the grown. However, you can preserve your mother’s day flowers. In fact, there are a couple of popular ways to do this. Drying or pressing your mother’s day flowers can be a nice way to preserve the gift.

Both drying and pressing your mother’s day flowers are not difficult tasks to accomplish. In fact, they do not take a lot of time or money. There is a ton of ways to accomplish the tasks and there are many different articles published on the web to teach how.

Drying your flowers can be as easy as hanging them upside down for a specified amount of time. This should be done in a dry spot rather than a humid one that might cause mildew. The mother’s day flowers will take a while to dry this way, but you can also dry your flowers using silica gel.

Silica gel can be found at your local hobby store or a flower shop. It takes a lot less time than drying your mother’s day flowers the old-fashioned way. It is not expensive and it is not hard to do. You simple place the silica gel in a container burying the flowers. Be careful not to damage the flowers when burying them.

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Pressing your mother’s day flowers can be done using a store-bought flower presser or you can make your own. Again, there are many ways to create your own flower presser and there are many articles on the internet to tell you how.

The materials required include two pieces of wood or alternative material to serve as the top and bottom boards and fabric or tissue to serve as a blotter for the moisture. You may also need some little hardware pieces to connect the bottom and top and allow you to adjust the pressure.

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