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Mother's Day Date

You can’t forget a date like mother’s day. As the month of May approaches, advertisements and TV commercials start their mother’s day campaigns. Even churches remind us what day mother’s day date is. Many of them often hold mother’s day celebrations of their own.

So, how did the second Sunday in May become the official mother’s day date? Well, actually mother’s day has evolved since it was first suggested. It actually was held more in honor of peace. In fact, Julia Ward Howe used to hold rallies and get-togethers in Boston each year.

Yet, this celebration was not necessarily held the second Sunday of May. In fact, it was not limited to one day and can be compared more to an awareness month such as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There really was no mother’s day date.

It wasn’t until Anna Jarvis came along that mother’s day was actually given a date. In fact, mother’s day date was the day that Mrs. Jarvis and her church celebrated mother’s day before it was declared a national holiday. She chose this date because it was the anniversary of her mother’s death.

The United States is not the only country that celebrates mother’s day. Just as the celebration of mother’s day is different in each country, the mother’s day date is also different. In fact, though there are a few countries that celebrate mother’s day in May, many of them do not. Below is a list of some mother’s day dates from other countries.

• Panama December 8
• Russia November 28
• Argentina October
• Egypt March 21

The important thing to remember is what the meaning of mother’s day is rather than the actual mother’s day date. In fact, do we really need to wait until a special date to show our mothers’ that we appreciate them?

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