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Mother's Day Candy

Are you looking for an original gift for mother’s day? Maybe you’re tire of giving the regular mother’s day candy and flowers. Well, if you are having trouble coming up with that perfect gift, you can still give your mother candy. In fact, giving candy does not have to be ordinary when you use a little creativity.

One way to set apart your mother’s day candy is by creating them yourself. There are a lot of candies that are easy to make. Tons of recipes can be found on the internet. For instance, turtles and peanut brittle can be made at home.

These candies will take more effort than the usual mother’s day candy but that is what will make them special. Even if your mother’s day candy does not turn out to sweet, your mother will be impressed at the mere effort.

Another way you can make mother’s day candy special is by choosing the right packaging. You don’t have to create the candy to make it special. Instead, customize the wrappers. This can be done by yourself, or by purchasing chocolate bars with custom printed wrappers.

Creating your own customized wrappers is not too difficult. Just purchase a few chocolate bars. Take the wrappers off of them and re-wrap them with foil. Next, take a square of paper that is a little shorter than the candy bar and wide enough to wrap over itself.

Print anything you want on the paper, include a family portrait or a mother’s day poem, and than wrap the paper over the foil wrapping and onto itself. Where the paper overlaps you will need to add some glue and you have a custom made wrapper. You may need to perfect this art but after a couple of candy bars you will have it figured out.

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