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Mother's Day

There is one day during the year that reminds us to honor one of the most important people in our lives. The act of celebrating the “givers of life” is so popular that many countries have a holiday similar to the American Mother’s Day. Whether you are celebrating by taking your mother out to dinner, making an unexpected visit, or simply accompanying her to church, mother’s day has become the one day during the year that we get to say, “Thanks mom” without any ulterior motive.

Mother’s day did not originate as a day to honor mothers but to honor peace. In fact, it originates during a time when women for fighting for many types of social reform. It was Julia Ward Howe who first envisioned a day devoted to honoring mothers, who were especially affected by the loss of life during war time.

Yet, it was Anna Jarvis who envisioned a national holiday honoring all mothers. In memory of her mother, Mrs. Jarvis devoted herself to promoting the celebration held on the anniversary of her mother’s death or the second Sunday in May. Mrs. Jarvis succeeded in gathering a following for the celebration of mother’s day and by 1911 most states were celebrating the holiday. By 1914 Woodrow Wilson named the holiday an official national holiday.

The flower commonly associated with mother’s day is the white carnation. This flower became associated with the holiday because it was the favorite flower of Anna Jarvis’s mother. It was also used to decorate Mrs. Jarvis’s church during the early celebrations of mother’s day. In addition, government officials wore the white carnations to promote the holiday before it was named an official national holiday.

Now, mother’s day has become a huge money maker. This actually was said to upset Mrs. Jarvis who thought it took away from the message of the holiday. However, it is still responsible for many mothers getting their well–deserved pat-on-the-back. Yet, we can all make mother’s day more valuable by remembering that it is not the gift that matters, it is letting your mother know that she is appreciated.

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